The crypto space can be one that is incredibly unforgiving or unimaginably rewarding. Depending on what you know and how you invest, you can turn a few spare bucks into a retirement fund quicker than any traditional model in recent history. However, going in blindly expecting a “Lambo” can lead to devastating results.

The Crypt Keepers was originally created as a tightknit closed group that linked serious investors and industry insiders with curious newcomers. The goal was to build a bridge between the two through honest education and analysis in this youthful market. Since its inception, The Crypt Keepers has grown from a few dozen members on a Facebook page to a full-fledged community of 2,000+ members spanning across multiple platforms – and it is still just the beginning.

Our philosophy has always been to teach and share knowledge in the most genuine and honest way possible by communicating directly with our members. Through ICO pools, early calls, strategic swing trades, and shorts, The Crypt Keepers have amassed multiple millions of dollars in profits.

With any investment, there is always winners and losers. Our team, which comes from all backgrounds of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, have created what we believe is the winning formula in this market. Unlike many groups, we strictly do not pump and dump or accept paid promotions. The calls we share are the exact moves we are making, at the exact moment we make them. We buy when you buy, we sell when you sell. In a market riddled with deception, honesty and transparency is of the utmost importance. Honesty, and and our community’s success, are our only priorities.

A Premium Membership Provides:
  • Access to the following premium telegram channels:
    • Calls: Crypto buy and sell calls from the Crypt Keepers team
    • BTC Analysis: A channel dedicated to charting BTC and assessing general market health
    • BTC Swing Trading
    • General Chat (crypto): Direct contact with industry leaders including the co-founder of ZenCash, Wall Street analysts, Intiva Health CMO
    • Bonus: General Chat (stocks): A general chat to discuss stock trades with experienced traders
  • 1,000 CKPR / month, while supply lasts – 12 & 6-month subscribers receive CKPR upfront
  • Access to premium articles on, including beginners tutorials
  • Access to the premium Crypt Keepers facebook group
  • Access to Discord swing-trading chat group
  • Direct contact to industry leaders, available to chat 1-on-1 with members
  • Access to private ICO pools

Whether you join for one month, six months, or are here to stay – welcome to The Keep, we’re happy to have you.

Head on over to our Product Page to signup and see the additional perks.


– Cam, Joe, and The Keepers

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