The Keeper Coin

First and foremost, The Crypt Keepers is a community – which is exactly why we’ve built our very own cryptocurrency to reward our members. As of May 2018, the Keeper Coin is officially live on the MainNet.


Contract Address: 0x62eaa499bc344f7116885304c5ea966ed70c527e

Symbol: CKPR

Decimals: 18

Supply: 100,000,000


  • 40% Writers & Contributors
  • 30% ICO
  • 20% Subscribers
  • 10% Team

Use Case:

The Keeper Coin needs no fancy white paper, as ultimately, it will be a simple security. With the Keeper Coin, The Crypt Keepers will be the first crypto community and news publication that allows anyone with the initiative to climb the ranks and build a brand for themselves in this blossoming industry. Unlike Steem, where your voice gets drowned by thousands of bot-promoted super-posters, The Crypt Keepers gives a platform to anyone with the knowledge and motivation to deliver quality content to the public, our private community, or both.

CKPR will be rewarded to writers who contribute quality articles to the website. If you are interested in becoming a writer, the first step is to join our free Facebook community, and share quality posts there. Your work will be surely noticed. Alternatively, feel free to submit a sample of your writing or technical analysis to the existing team. We’d be honored to have you as part of the family.

A defined sum of CKPR will also be awarded to each of the first 8,000 paid subscribers. The amount awarded to subscribers will be according to the defined distribution tiers above. Once The Crypt Keepers has reached 8,000 paid subscribers in a single month, CKPR will be legally filed as a security, and revenues will begin to be evenly distributed as a dividend to CKPR holders. So while the CKPR will have no immediate monetary value today, it holds a certain future value based on the likelihood of the community’s success. As the subscriber base grows, so does the value of the Keeper Coin – it’s as simple as that.

As stated, 30% of CKPR supply is reserved to be sold via an initial coin offering. This ICO date is yet to be determined, but will certainly be before CKPR is legally filed as a security. For now, we are focused on growth in both subscribers and writers.

The Keeper Coin will reward those who have contributed to the community from the beginning of the journey, and keep the success of The Crypt Keepers in everyone’s best interest.

So the age old question remains… when Binance?

Cheers, to the future!

– The Crypt Keepers

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